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Restrictions on the use of pewag lifting clamps

Influences resulting from temperature
pewag lifting clamps are designed to be used in normal atmospheric conditions and in a temperature range from -40°C to +100°C.
The clamps must not be used if these conditions are not met.
Influences from acids/alkalines and chemicals 
pewag lifting clamps must not be exposed to acids/alkalines or their vapours.
Note: Certain production methods may release acids and/or vapours!
Hazardous circumstances
The load capacity categories in this catalogue are based on the assumption that no hazardous circumstances apply.
Such circumstances include offshore use, the lifting of persons or of potentially hazardous loads such as liquid metals, corrosive substances or nuclear material. In any of these cases, the hazard level must be assessed by an expert and the load capacity adjusted accordingly.
Prior to the first use of a lifting clamp, the following checklist applies:
• The lifting clamp is the one ordered
• The test certificate and/or factory certification is present
• The labelling and load capacity information on the lifting clamp is identical with the information provided in the test certificate and/ or factory certification
• The instructions for use of the lifting clamp are present and have been read and understood by all users
The lifting clamps must be checked for obvious damage and wear and tear before each use. If in doubt, the lifting clamp should not be
used and must be inspected by an expert before re-use. If any form of wear and tear and/or damage is found, the following procedure applies:
1. Decommission the clamp (note down date of decommissioning)
2. Try to determine the reason for the fault, e.g. (see instructions for use for a detailed checklist):
• Overload
• Inappropriate use (such as pulling or dragging objects)
• Negligent and careless use
Please note that such damages are not covered by the warranty!
To protect your personal safety and that of your colleagues, please follow these steps:
3. Hand the lifting clamp over to an authorised pewag service point together with the service record
4. The lifting clamp may be used again after the revision/repair process has been completed (note down date in the service record)

Checks/Safety inspection

Please see the instructions for use of your pewag lifting clamp for the official schedule for inspection, maintenance and revision. All inspections and repairs must be entered in an inspection record. This not only applies to inspections carried out by yourself, but also to those performed by an authorised pewag service point.

Any maintenance or repair work must be performed by an authorised pewag service point. Only original pewag parts may be used for repairs of pewag lifting clamps! Whenever the unit is handed over for inspection or repair works, the service record must be provided.
Records of the inspections performed, in particular their results and any maintenance/repair works, must be kept throughout the utilisation period of the lifting clamp.

Warranty conditions and provisions

pewag austria GmbH grants end users a 5-year warranty for their pewag lifting clamp. This warranty only applies to the original final user of the lifting clamp and under the proviso that the lifting clamp is inspected and serviced throughout the warranty period according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The warranty period is 5 years from the date of the sale. The warranty is subject to the conditions and provisions listed below:

Conditions and provisions:
The warranty covers only such damages which are a result of manufacturing faults and occur during normal use. Wear and tear of parts such as tooth rings, tooth segments, tension springs etc. is excluded from the warranty. If a fault is detected during the warranty period, the lifting clamp
shall be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion. Faults that are caused by any of the following factors are excluded from the warranty:
• Normal wear and tear
• Overload
• Inappropriate or careless use
• Damage
• Non-compliance with the specified processes and measures
• Lifting of objects other than those indicated on the clamp or in the
instructions of use
• Modifications / alterations of the pewag clamp
• Inexpert use of the clamp and non-compliance with the instructions of use
• Maintenance or repair works completed by other than an authorised pewag service point

The manufacturer assumes no liability for incidental damages resulting from the use of the lifting clamp or a violation of these warranty conditions.