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pewag universal

Proven technology. Reliable in use.

The classic pewag net chain

pewag universal is the proven net chain for tractors and construction vehicles. Due to the robust continuous chain mesh it is suitable for moderate to heavy-duty use. 

Product description

With its hexagonal shaped chain mesh, the pewag universal is a perfect choice for tractors and construction vehicles for moderate and heavy-duty use. Forged middle hooks also withstand high strains.
pewag universal is made of TitanGrip® material and is, depending on the vehicle and range of use, available in different material diameters between 4.5 and 12 mm.
For wide-base tires, pewag offers a version with a staggered chain mesh. The wider chain mesh provides for higher wear resistance, longer life span and smoother running capabilities. These chains are marked by asterisk (*) in the dimension list.



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At a glance

Suitable for tractors and construction vehicles for moderate to heavy-duty use

Forged middle hooks for high wear resistance

Staggered version for wide-base tires available