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pewag chains

A few words about DIY-products:

Chain (oval, oval twisted, parallel):

These chains are manufactured according to pewag own specifications (standards) and do not correspond to any DIN.

Chain according DIN 763:

Please consider that these chains are dimensionally only similar to DIN 763! The tolerances are more narrow with regard dimensionally equal chains according to DIN 5685-C.

Chain according DIN 766:

Please consider that these chains are dimensionally only similar to DIN 766! The chains are not true to gage/calibrated.

Chain according DIN 5685:

We distinguish between short link A (roundsteel chain DIN 5685-A) and long link C (roundsteel chain DIN 5685-C) chains. 

Stainless steel chain:

For the manufacturing of these chains various alloyed steels are used. According to the American standard (American Iron and Steel Institute) the following distinction exists:  

  • AISI 304: Material1.4301, chromium-nickel, oxidizes by extrinsic rust
  • AISI 316: Material 1.4401/1.4404/1.4571 (T), chromium-nickel-molybdenum (titanium), evend does not oxidize with extrinsic rust. Increased resistance against aggressive chemicals, industrial vapors, brine and inorganic acids.

Chain in bundles will be delivered (without exception) in AISI 316, chain on reel in AISI 304 (except victor chain). 

Types of packaging:

  • Bundles: please find the respective lenghts in the catalogue.
  • Reel type PW1: Dimension 20,0 x 28,7 cm
  • Reel type PW2: Dimension 20,0 x 14,5 cm
  • Reel type PW3: Dimension 20,0 x 11,3 cm
  • Reel type PW4: Dimension 9,0 x 8,5 cm

The dimension of the reel refers on each diameter x complete length.


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