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Information about wires & ropes

Steel wire ropes and their construction:

A strand consists of one or several layers of rope wires, which are being twined helix-shaped around a core. A strand rope consists of one or more layers of strands. The core may be made of fibre or of standard wires, a steel core (fibre cores are made of natural or synthetic fibre).

Ropes - twisted or braided?

twisted ropes braided ropes
easy to splice higher technical variability of construction
high stability may be braided with different materials
slip-proof surface with deep splines individual fields of application
 high flexibility  
low flexibility hard to splice
limited fields of application  

Several rope materials and their characteristics:

  Synthetik fibres Natural fibres
  Polypropylene Polyamid Polyester Sisal Hemp Wire ropes
Type braided/twisted braided  braided  twisted  twisted  -  -
Abrasion resistance
 low  high very high  high  high very high  high
UV-resistance  low  high very high  high  high very high  high
Extension capacity
 approx. 15 %  approx. 20 %  approx. 15 %  approx. 5 %  approx.
 10 %
 approx. 2 %  -
Loss of strenth when wet  0  10-30 %  0  10-15 %  15 %  0  0
Floatage  high  low  low  low  low  low  low
Solvent resistance  high very high  low  low  low very low  high
Acid resistance very high  low  low  low  low  low  high
Leach resistance  high  high  high  low  low very high  high
Melting point  170 °C  215-255 °C  260 °C n.s. n.s. filling 170 °C  120-170 °C
Flammability  melts  melts  melts  flammable  flammable  -  -
Other characteristics soil-resisting, rotting-resistant high tensile strength, thermostabilized high tensile strength, high flexibility  natural product, hard fibre, high slip-proofness  natural product, soft fibre, high slip-proofness  -  -

Type of packaging:

  • Bundles: please find the respective lenghts in the catalogue
  • Reel type PW1: Dimension 20,0 x 28,7 cm
  • Reel type PW2: Dimension 20,0 x 14,5 cm
  • Reel type PW5: Dimension 30,0 x 23,0 cm

The dimension of the reel refers on each diameter x complete length.


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